Sign up for our new series of STORY SNACK! The series is curated by a Speech and Language Therapist and advised by a Registered Dietitian.

The classes will connect kids to books, food, garden and language and literacy. A story will be shared and read in each Story Snack class and kids will recreate a dish from the story or create one inspired by it.

Age: 4 – 10 years 

Price: $550/kid (with 1 adult +$50)


Contact us to arrange a private class (2 hours)

Class Details:
About the story: Michael Rosen’s free verse poem – Chocolate Cake – was brought to life as a book with fantastic illustrations by Kevin Waldron. Let’s make lots of silly noises together ~ Gobble! Mmmmmmm! Chooka chooka chooka…And what sounds do you make when you eat a chocolate cake? We may also have a chance to listen to Michael Rosen performing his own poem! Just in case your kid wants to know, a free verse poem has no set rhyme. Instead, it follows the natural rhythms of speech.
About the dish: Bake a rich Chocolate Cake (4 inches) and learn to pipe cream on top.

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