Meet the local bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Conspiracy Chocolate, and have fun learning how to make luxurious but healthier version of chocolate truffles.

Age: 7 – 13 years

Price: $580/kid

Date & Time:  19 Sep 2021, 10:30-12:00

Location: Kids’ Cooking Hub

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Chocolate truffles are one of the most luxurious chocolate creations you can make at home. They are rich, flavourful, and can be made with an infinite variety of additions to texture, flavour and aesthetic.
In this workshop we will cover what chocolate truffles are and the broad rules they’re designed by, enabling the kids to play with their preferences later on at home and create their own styles of truffles. We will teach them the basics of ratios, how to manage the way the ingredients behave, and they will get fully hands-on, mixing, shaping and rolling chocolate truffles, decorating them and then their packaging in which they’ll take them home to share (unless they’re eaten on the way!)
Chocolate truffles have always been made using dairy, we will teach the kids the traditional method, alongside another one using vegan ingredients. They will learn the differences and every kid will choose which to make. The recipes will be altered to increase chocolate truffles’ nutritional value and decrease elements like sugar.

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