Mid-Autumn Specials

Price: $550-$580/kid

Date & Time: 29 August to 8 September 2022

Age: 4 – 12 years (Child aged 7 or below is recommended to be accompanied by 1 adult)


Class Details:

Rainbow Mooncake
29/8, 11:00-13:30
Practical: Pastry making, coloring skill, mooncake shaping
Makes 6 pcs

Animal Shaped Custard Mooncake
3/9, 15:00-18:00 (FULL)
Practical: Practical: Custard Filling, Crispy Dough, Animal Shaping
Makes 8 pcs

Traditional Mooncake
4/9, 15:00-17:30
Practical: Mooncake crust, molding skill, lotus seed paste Mooncake, red bean paste Mooncake
Makes 8 pcs

Cartoon Glutinous Rice Dumpling
8/9, 16:00-18:30
Practical: Glutinous Rice Dough, Coloring Skill, Character Shaping
Makes 12 dumplings

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