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Learn to cook and get some culinary tips from us this summer ~ and that’s not all! Engage in friendly competition in the kitchen and win a prize in our Summer Cook-Off.
今年夏天來跟我們學習烹飪及參與在廚房中的友好競賽, 你還有機會贏得獎品! 請立即報名!!

Course 課程 1
23, 24, 26 July 2018
10:30am –12:30pm (2 hours)
Course 課程 2
30, 31 July, 2 August 2018
10:30am –12:30pm (2 hours)
Course 課程 3
6, 7, 9 August 2018
10:30am –12:30pm (2 hours)
Age 年齡: 4-12
2 dishes per class 每班學做兩款菜式
Price 費用:
HK$1,560 / kid / course 每個課程每名兒童$1,560
HK$550 / kid / single class 單堂每名兒童 $550
Accompanying your kid 一位成人陪同: +$80 / adult / class (+$240 / course)
~~ Menu of Course 1 菜單 ~~
23 July
🔸Vietnam Shrimp Roll 越式凍蝦卷
🔹Fresh Berries Compote with Custard 糖漬鮮莓吉士杯
24 July
🔸Chicken Drumstick with Mango Salsa 烤焗雞鎚配芒果莎莎醬
🔹Orange Polenta Cake 香橙玉米蛋糕
26 July
🔸Asparagus Mushroom Beef Roll 鮮菇露笋焗牛肉卷
🔹Peach Amaretti Tiramisu 桃子意大利脆餅杯
~~ Menu of Course 2 菜單 ~~
30 July
🔸Prawn & Water Chestnuts Dumplings 香甜馬蹄蝦肉餃子
🔹Baked Coconut & Mango Cake 椰子香芒蛋糕
31 July
🔸Aubergine & Ricotta Roll 香烤芝士茄子卷
🔹Banana Caramel Parfaits with Pecans 焦糖香蕉乳酪芭菲杯
2 August
🔸Sweet Tomato & Chickpea Salad with Curry Yogurt Dressing 甜茄雞心豆沙律配咖喱乳酪醬汁
🔹Marmalade Bread Pudding 柳橙醬焗麵包布甸
~~ Menu of Course 3 菜單 ~~
6 August
🔸Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup 甜薯椰奶湯
🔹Black Forest Tart 車厘子朱古力餡撻
7 August
🔸Veggie Cottage Pie 雜菜薯蓉焗批
🔹Spiced Glazed Pineapple with Creme fraiche 糖焦鮮菠蘿配法式忌廉
9 August
🔸Macaroni & Cheese 香濃芝士通心粉
🔹Walnut Apple Brownies 香脆合桃蘋果布朗尼

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