Kid’s Cooking Hub

Through enjoyable small-group cooking classes, we aim to:

-Build children’s knowledge about food and dining
-Give children hands-on experience and teach age-appropriate kitchen skills
-Increase children’s and their family’s awareness of healthy eating
-Develop children’s self-care skills
-Develop children’s language, fine motor, social and organizational skills, and
-Build children’s confidence and self-esteem

Children will bring home the recipe and food made by themselves after each class. You may be surprised to find out how much your child can share with you (not just the delicious dish!). Don’t hesitate to celebrate their success and discovery of culinary fun!!

Even better, we encourage children to replicate the dish with their family at home, from shopping for the ingredients to serving at the table (you don’t need fancy kitchen equipment!). That way, they have another opportunity to practise what they have learnt and it is the perfect time to have some fun and bond with their loved ones.

Cooking Classes




兒廚教坊讓孩子們在廚房裡增長烹飪知識和實踐技能,以便他們為未來的獨立生活做好準備。我們相信,其他基本技能也可以從這個終身受用的技能 ~ 烹飪 ~ 中激發出來。我們的廚師與熱愛烹飪的團隊,會在安全的環境中教育,激勵和培養小廚師們。



– 建立兒童對食物和餐飲的認識

– 教導適齡的烹飪技巧,給予兒童實習經驗

– 增強兒童及其家庭的健康飲食意識

– 培育兒童的自理技能

– 增強兒童語言,小肌肉,社交和組織能力,以及

– 建立兒童的信心和自尊心