Ignite your kid’s talent of baking with this fun class – making Shokupan and Stamped Cookies!

Shokupan • Stamped Cookies 北海道牛奶土司 • 印章曲奇班

Shokupan is the term referred to Japanese milk bread loaf, a trendy term in the baking world. Besides the yummy bakes, our young talented baker would also be awarded with a SANNENG’s latest non-stick square bread tin featured with an interesting animal image – whale / polar bear / penguin. 

Age: 6 years or above

Price: HK$650/ 1 kid & 1 adult

17 July 2021, 2:30-6:30pm 
18 July 2021, 2-6pm

Please contact us for a private class on a date that suits you. 如欲安排自組私人課堂,請聯絡我們。

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