Our Mission

Kids’ Cooking Hub provides children with culinary knowledge and practical skills in the kitchen in order to prepare them for independent living in future. It is our belief that other essential skills will radiate from this life-long activity, cooking. Our chef together with the passionate and supportive team strive to educate, inspire and nurture young chefs in a safe environment.

Featured Classes

Register for our Summer Cooking Courses!
Learn to cook and get some culinary tips from us this summer ~ and that’s not all! Engage in friendly competition in the kitchen and win a prize in our Summer Cook-Off.
今年夏天來跟我們學習烹飪及參與在廚房中的友好競賽, 你還有機會贏得獎品! 請立即報名!!

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“I love the cooking experience with Kids’ Cooking Hub. The chef and helpers were kind and friendly. The galette was delicious! I had loads of fun and I am looking forward to cooking with them again!”


Mitch: 能食到自製的甜品很滿足,想不到簡單的步驟也能做出好看又美味的甜品。                                                                                          Melody: 最鍾意將材料攪拌在一起的過程,好好玩。個 tart 好鬆脆,全家人好快就食完。

Mitch & Melody